I would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and web sites for their contributions in collecting the information and records for this web site. Comments and conclusions expressed in these pages are the authors alone.

James (Jim) Detterline, Allenspark, CO

Norman Nesbit, Boulder, CO

Alicia Rochambeau, Curator of Education and Collections, Estes Park Museum, Estes Park, CO

Wendy Corcoran, Special Collections Assistant,
Estes Valley Library, Estes Park, CO

Kurtis Kelly,
Estes Valley Library, Estes Park, CO

Linda Elmarr, Site Manager,
Stanley Museum, Estes Park, CO

Julie Herrin, daughter of Lou Livingston, grand daughter of Julien Livingston.

Mary Bankson, Genealogy Section,
Garst Museum, Greenville, OH

Estes Park Archives - Home of the Estes Park History Rescue Project

John Meissner, Estes Park Archives

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, Then & Now


Mark Barber

Audie Yenter

Gene Husted

The author: Daniel Lee Wenger, Santa Cruz, CA, nephew of Esther Husted, the niece of Shep Husted. His
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